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vin # info./duetto year clarification

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recently acquired duetto, had a terrible repaint once ,was stored since 1984. vin tags on firewall + drivers door were painted over. somone, not me,tried to clean with some type of solvent! what are they suppost to look like? do #s match motor # if motor is original? seller says he thought it was a 1968 but unsure as it was his deceased dads car. has round rear, pedals are in floor , has 1 brake booster, and hydraulic clutch ,dual weber carbs .any help would be greatly appreciated i`m a newcomer to computers so be patient with me! thanks ...k. .
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Round-tailed spiders were produced from 1966 through 1969 or 1970. Your best bet would be to determine the VIN number and start from there. You will find it stamped into the firewall on the right (passenger) side of the engine compartment. It should still be visible unless the paint is really thick. You should also find it on the title document, if there is one.

The rectangular aluminum tipo plate riveted to the firewall on the driver's side carries the model number. This plate is silk-screened black on aluminum. If legible, this number might be 105 62 for a US Spec 1750 Spider or possibly 105 03 for a 1600 Spider (duetto). There are other model number possibilities if this car was originally delivered outside the U.S.

If there is a plate on the rear of the driver's side door jamb, it is most likely the emissions plate certifying that the car conforms to 1969 emission specs. This would most likely make it a 1969 U.S. Spec 1750 Spider. The production date (month and year) appears on this plate. If the plate or decal you are looking at is on the forward part of the driver's door jam, it most likely just said "Made in Italy."

The motor number will not match the vin number - ever.

There were no Spiders officially imported to the U.S. in 1968, not to say it wasn't first sold in that year. If the car has a hydraulic clutch, I believe that would make it a 1750 Spider, however U.S. Cars of the 1969 model year had dual brake boosters and fuel injection, not Weber carbs. That said, modifications like this are common on these cars.

Do a search in the forums to find the email address for the Alfa Romeo archives. Provide them a VIN number and they can tell you the type and production date. You'll find other helpful information in the Spider (1966 and up) forum.

Good luck.
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Bob a. thank you for your reply, you were spot on ! it turns out that my car is a 1968 1750 spider voloce that was mfg. jan. 25, 1968 and sold in Canada on feb. 25th. it will make it a lot easier ordering parts that I need to restore it. car is in nice condition, with minimal rust but some parts are missing . I do all my own work , so it should be an interesting winter ! many thanks !!!
Glad I could be of some help. We like pictures, so if you have any be sure to post them for the group; perhaps in the "Spider (1966 and up) forum. A picture how-to can be found in the "Guests and New Members" sticky posting in this section.

Yours is the second Canada-imported, pre-1969 1750 Spider I've run into. I encountered the first in Michigan many years back and was confused because I wasn't aware at the time that such an animal existed. I don't think they are that common and I've got to confess I didn't have that model on my mind when you described yours. Your description now makes perfect sense, i.e., a 1968 Spider with Webers, a single brake booster, and a hydraulic clutch. That's the way it would have been configured from new.

Good luck on your resto. You'll find lots of help in these forums.
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