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Vick's 72 GTV 2000

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Few of my pics...


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nice lookin GTV! Did you shave the rear side lights or did it come like that?
Completly Original

No, I have made no modifications what-so-ever. Only alfa parts used.
Gian Paulo,

That's one of the cool things with the Euro GTV's, no rectangular side markers. Check out the rear plate. No Alfa Romeo block letters. And some one put the steering wheel on the wrong side. ;)
Awesome GTV2000! NICE!!

My girlfriend was following my GTV in her car tonight, she called my cell phone and asked if some "ricer" put an Alfa Romeo script sticker on the back of my GTV. :rolleyes: It looks so out of place.

67GTV said:
No Alfa Romeo block letters.
Perhaps Alfa Romeo received too many complaints from U.S. owners of pre-1973 GT/GTV's. "What the hell kinda car is that?"

My '67 only has "Alfa Romeo" on the front emblem. I replaced the rear license plate frame with a less hokey looking one.


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