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vibration in rear

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I have a 78 spider and I am getting vibration that appears to originate in the rear or drive shaft it will start some times when decelerating or driving at speed and then disappear if I use the throttle a bit. It also starts when I hit a bump sometimes accompanied by a slapping sound. I am thinking it is a u-joint but looking underneath the car nothing looks or feels amiss the donut looks fine can’t tell if the transmission mount is bad. Any ideas would be appreciated
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Check if you have a tyre that has sat for a long time on one place. It might have got a bit flattened and it cause this vibration. I have the same problem and a mechanic told me that I have one tyre which seems that has that problem.
Vibration in drive line

ON a 78 the drive line might have at least once been taken out for transmission work or even carrier bearing replacement. These drive lines are balanced and the marks must always line up when reassembling and putting them back into the car. But, also check your motor mounts. Strange as it may sound, a soft one of the two (or a broken one) allows the engine to cant just a bit to cause weird pressures on drive alignment upon application of power. And last possibility is the condition of the rear bit of transmission inside the "guibo, ie. donut, ie metalastic". Be sure there is the rubber piece on this stub. Look in a parts book (from Alfa disk) to see the pieces there.
just to let all know i found the problem after removing the rear shaft i found that the keper nut that locks the nut on the flange that the forward u joint is attached had fell off and the flange was very loose after tightening the nut and replacing the keper nut all was reassembled and now the vibration is gone
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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