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Spring is almost there in Southern Italy, at least I hope! :wink2:
Anyway for Vespas lovers there is no reason to wait to prepare the scooters for the new season!

Here we are with a great product, entirely Made in Italy and entirely Hand-Worked.

The idea is to leave hands and pockets free from all objects like keys, wallets, sun glasses, and mobile while commuting with Vespas.
For daily commuting we have produced the small version bag (in black color in the pictures below on the left), which can be also easily taken like a bag.
While for the week-end excursions you can think to buy the bigger version (the red bag on the right in the picture), since there is more space to place also a snack and a sweater.

If you need to bring with you many things and you need much more space then you can order the third version of Vespa’s bag by Elvezio, which you can see in the gray version on the gray vespa on the pictures below.
You can choose the color of the bag to match your Vespa. The quality of the fabric is high since is all vinyl used to produce classic cars interiors.

For further information or to order any of the items above described contact Elvezio by email at [email protected] or send an email directly to me to [email protected]

We love Vespa forever!

Check the Blog here


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