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Sent my spider S4 off for some much needed TLC. I gave the mechanic the following list;

Main Probs – please let me know estimate cost after initial inspection.
• Shake on pull away - Could be UJ / Prop / Diff
• Heavy vibration at 60mph +, Gearbox Rebuild ?
• Diff Oil Seals
• Rear Wheel Bearings – new ones supplied in footwell
• Reverse Jumpout - Probably the new rubber Gaitor
• Put through & get to pass an MOT (recently failed on front number plate & rear wheel bearings)

Extras – please call to advise cost & work needed
• Play in steering – the car wanders terribly
• Spare wheel well rust
• Check Bushes
• Is Exhaust Restricted ? Tailpipe gets very hot very quick – car seems down on power.
• Check Speedo + Tacho calibration
• Overall Check over & fettle – get it driving & running nice again

Anyway - its been with him a while now. & the gearbox he took off, he said he has never seen one so F***ed, cracked bell housing, bearings shot, output shaft out of balence.

Then onto the Prop - which was out of balence, the UJ was knackered.

he scrapped the old gearbox & has had to build me up a new one.

then went to re-fit the custom stainless exhaust I had built, it wont re-align. His opinion is that the exhaust was built badly, pulled the gearbox over to on side & may have caused a lot of the problems I see here. - so its now having the exhaust re-built.
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