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Verde Reverse

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Hi, Haven't been here in a while but still have the '93 Spider and now a '87 Milano Verde.
My question is the Verde will not stay in reverse. It feels like it does not go in far enough, and then when you back up it pops out with very little effort. On the flat you can barely back up, forget a hill.
Any ideas other than the reverse gear is stripped? I was hoping perhaps the linkage was bent but it looks ok. Oh does a Milano Gold have the same ratios as a Verde? I have a Gold trans with a good reverse.
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The first thing to do is to inspect bushings and linkage pieces for any wear as it can cause the problem you are describing. In fact, if it shows much wear, you should go ahead and rebuild it even if it is not THE problem you're chasing now, as the improvment is huge.

Another possible culprit could be (extremely) worn transaxle mounts.

Internal damage to reverse is possible, but less likely than external causes.

A Gold transaxle has a 4.10 diff ratio, vs. the 3.55 ration in the Verde. It also lacks the LSD found on the Verde and Platinum models.

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