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Well, I'd hate to say this, but when you tried to restart the motor, you probably caused more damage than what was already done.

Happened to my friend Karl in his 164L one day. Just driving along in town, and he went to put in the clutch and the engine died. We were on some railroad tracks (that we knew were active) so we had to get it off the tracks. We didn't initially think it was the belt, but after the first restart, we did hear some unusual clacking. Larry, who was with us, immediately told him to stop cranking. It was too late.

We pushed the car off the tracks and into a parking lot, and popped off the cam sprocket covers. Larry told me to watch the sprocket while he touched the key, just to make it turn a smidge. It didn't. Belt was broken somewhere.

Upon dismantling the engine a week later, only a few valves missed certain death. The rest were history.

A used motor from APE put the car back on the road the following week.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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