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I had a timing belt jump a few teeth on my first Milano years ago. It was because I had parked it on a steep incline nose up and left it in gear. The car rolled back about an inch and this put some slack in the timing belt.

I got in the car and turned it over. CKKKLLLAAANLNLKK CUH CUH CUHC UC CUH CUHC UCH CHU CUH!!!

You get the picture.

I had just successfully toasted the entire left bank of exhaust valves. Schweet. They were nice and bent. The pistons usually come out alright as long as they aren't too dinged up you should be fine.

Moral of the Story: ALWAYS USE YOUR E-BREAK!!!

The last time we had an earthquake up here (Seattle) this guy I know had his Milano parked in a parking garage on a flat surface. He left it in gear. The earthquake jostled the car around so when he turned it over...KUHKLANK! Timing belt jumped and toasted his valves.

If your belt stripped out a bunch of teeth...oof, you did some serious damage internally. I can't see how you wouldn't. I'm surprised you did hear that horrific sound of piston on valve.

Nothing like a chain driven Alfa four.
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