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vent/vapor hose question

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Trying to find out where in the engine compartment the vapor/vent hose is supposed to go. It is the 3rd hose that comes from the rear of the car along with the 2 fuel lines... Working on a 71 SPICA GTV. The line was broken and a PO just tied it up under the car and I am trying to make things right again. :rolleyes:
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This hose connects to a small fitting on the oil separator hose fitting at the front right of the cam cover. Picture.
Thanks Jim, as always, a wealth of knowledge!
Steel tube in-between

Actually, there should be a slender steel tube that runs across the top of the intake manifold, held down by the Spica airbox straps, that connects the fuel tank vapor line at the back of the engine to the cam-cover breather at the front of the engine.

Yes, George is correct. Simon posted a pic of this tube a while back but I couldn't find it. :( So I linked to the above pic. I'll search again...
Found it!

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