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Veloce Tech - Lowering Questions

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Recently purchased '83 Veloce :D, on major budget due to other projects. I have read that understeer is due to factory raising to meet US bumper height specs. I am used to tweeking Mcpherson strut front ends & not sure how this will respond to lowering. If I put say IAP reds on my '83 veloce for more euro stance:

- They say it lowers less than an inch, mine seems nose high & understeers, do they lower more in the front than the back?
- What approximate front camber would I end up with?
- I would like to end up with say 1 deg +/- neg in front & obviously 0 in rear (solid axle), what is cheapest way to adjust after I go down if it throws me too negative camber wise?
- Are there any hidden suprises or can I just put on the springs and not spend more? (retain shocks, etc for now)

PS some great threads, learned a lot & only been reading about 2 weeks.

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the IAP springs are built for an aftermarket swaybar. for stock swaybar, go with Centerlines springs
IAP springs work well with KYB or Bilstein shocks.
They level the car out, front and back.
Not sure about the swaybar, worked fine with the stock bar for me.
I too got the IAP springs with stock swaybar... My car has a nice agressive stance (front is much lower than before), and handles significantly better than before.

Beware that the oil sump and/or guard will be very low to the ground after doing this, and if you don't already, you will absolutely need a low profile jack to even be able to roll it underneath the front suspension.

Overall, I'd say they're highly recommended!
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