Good day fellow alfisti,
My sacrilegious V6 busso step nose is at its final stages of completion, and I have tons of parts I’d like to sell. I will add/update this thread as more parts are found/remembered.
Here’s the list:

  • 2.0 motor. Compression test shows a very healthy motor with about 150psi each cylinder. Motor comes complete with water pump, distributor and rebuilt Solex carbs. Powder coated valve cover and oil pan. $2800
  • early 105 transmission. Recently rebuilt. $1200
  • early 105 rear axle with open diff and hubs. Not rebuilt. $700
  • early 105 front hubs $200 for both
  • door handles $200
  • door hinges with new pins $100
  • ZF steering box recently rebuilt $1000
  • full set of gauges freshly cleaned inside and out. $500
  • early 105 pedal box. Includes brand new rubber pads.$400
  • early 105 front seats. Recently reupholstered in real leather. $700
  • early 105 heater box $250
  • early 105 choke lever $50
  • early 105 gas tank $200
  • 105 Faza muffler $200
  • wood steering wheel $100
  • wood shift knob $25

I’m still in the process of researching and determining prices but feel free to contact me if you’re looking for any these and we can work out a price. I’ll update the post with prices as I come up with them.

Parts are in Montréal, but I can ship anywhere.

- Added prices. Pricing is in CAD.