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I want to post these numbers on a new thread....

I checked my valves clearance and I got:
OK... got the valves clearance:

Intake : 0.015/0.014/0.014/0.015
Exhaust: 0.018/0.017/0.017/0.018

So it appears that 2,3 Intake are 0.001 below specs, and all the others are at the lowest possible..

-- Should I go ahead and re-shim them ?

Also my #4 Exhaust CAM is visibly rounded compared to all the other cams... at the top is still same thickness however. Replace??? Wait??

Pics on the original thread: "California Emission Fail 25Mph High CO"


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Two people making the same measurement could be different by .001" due to how much resistance they like to feel when they slide the feeler gauge, so I would not worry about your numbers. You could pull the exhaust cam and measure the lift of the different lobes. Here is a cheap and easy method:


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With stock cams I wouldn`t bother at this point. However the slow ramp on stock cams result in longer overlap at less than .016 intake and .017 exh.
Not worth the effort to change in reality .....
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