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Hello fellow Alfisti,

Some of you might know, some might not - I run a custom silicone hose manufacturing company.
Being a true Alfaholic and a 164 fan, I recently added a new prouct to our lineup - the V6 intake runner sleeve silicone replacements.
This is not something new, as there are a few other manufacturers that offer these...but only for the large 44mm runners, found only on the 164 Q4 and QV (but not the US spec 24V LS)... All other, older V6 engines were neglected and there were nobody out there that makes something for them.
Well, untill now :) Apart from the large runner sleeves (60513867), I offer a full kit for the smaller runners as well (60513179).
You can find pictures and more details here:
60513867 and 60513179 Alfa Romeo Busso V6 intake runner silicone sleeves

Sorry for the ad, but I just hope I may be able to help out fellow 164 owners as much as I can ;)

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Welcome. Always good to know of potential suppliers.

My 94 LS has the larger diameter runners from the USA 94/95 164Q. Nice to know there will be a replacement if needed (or if I want to change the color, lol).
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