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V6 crank regrinding?

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My 164 24v has knackered its crank :mad:- I don't know exact details of what or how bad yet. I'm getting conflicting advice about the possibility of regrinding Alfa V6 cranks - can you or can't you? Is it something to do with nitriding?Bearings seem to be available up to +20 thou. Available engines are invariably very high mileages now, and mine has done under 60k.
How much do new cranks cost, if available? What about a crank from a motor whose belt let go?
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Chris, you can get it re-nitrided I suppose...but do make sure you have the beargings in your hand before getting the crank ground. I know someone who ended up with a ground crank but no shells for it as when it came to it, the machine shop strangely couldn't get the promised items.

No doubt you are finding that another V6 myth of the indestructible crank is just that...a myth.
You can turn almost all the cranks as long as the material needed to remove is within an undersize bearing set. Most parts suppliers list .010, .020, and .030 . Like CorseChris mentioned, make sure that you can get actually get the under size bearing before having the crank turned. Last time I checked, availability was almost non-existent in many undersizes.

You might have a problem re-nitrating the crank. I could not find a machine shop that was willing re-harden the crank after-wards. The heat introduced into crank with the grinding process, and then re-nitrating requires the crank to be straightened. Since most cranks in other marques are not nitrated and Alfa only started nitrating cranks with the 2000, I would not let that stop me in using a reground crank.
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