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I am copying this from a thread in the "GT" section as it applies to these cams in any application. For a full review go to the "Mystery Cams" link.
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So I guess my question (appologies to Dr. Don for the hijack) is: Should I be using these cams? This is an otherwise stock 1750 with a stock Wes I. SPICA pump and new, stock pistons and stock head.

You should definately use them. The performance increase will be well worth it.
On your car with a known good fuel distributor, I think they will be fine.
For a FI installation, I suggest initially setting the intake cam at 104 and the exhaust at 104. Since your cam caps are marked at 102 degrees, you can simply set each cam so that when the motor is at TDC with the chains tensioned (no slack in either lower or upper as to crank pull) the Cam marks line up with the OUTSIDE edge of the marks on the Cam Caps. Edge to edge, so that on the intake side, the cam`s mark is just touching the outer edge of the cap mark. Same but on the outside on the exhaust. The initial duration of these cams there should have the valve opening about the same time as stock.
If there is a bit of low rpm drivability issues, advance the exhaust cam to 106 and try that.
You can always email me & I`ll give uou my cell # if you knned a bit of assistance.

I have a pair of cams comming, and I have also designed a grind to slightly reduce the early ramp on the "10548-"01" so that it is a much better exhaust cam than it is stock.

Don is going to be using my RJR 59 cam intake & a modified (as above)
"10548-"01" for exhaust. (will make better low end cyl. pressure)
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