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Using Multimeters

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Hi Alfisti,

I have recently spent alot of time around the wiring systems, with fellow car buffs. From my observation, a lot of people that are very good with rebuilding carbs, rebuilding heads, setting cam timing, even setting up slippery diffs, do not have a clue how to use a multimeter to chase up electical gremlins.

If it was worthwhile, we could have a thread that shows people how to check earths, chase wires, check battery voltage etc with a cheap multimeter that you can buy for a song at car accessory shops.

Is this worthwile, or perhaps overkill?


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I think that would be a great idea. I could really use that info.
That's a little tough, there are hundreds of sites giving how to use a multimeter info (including videos) but what to expect and 'how NOT to use a multimeter' would be Electronics 101 and a bit more involved.

There was a good site giving Automotive Electronics 101 but the author deleted it and is now selling a book.
My advise is (if your going to keep a vintage car as a driver or show car), get a meter. Electrical got ya's in old cars can come in bunches. A test lamp and or meter knowledge will help keep you engaged and aware of onset Alfa old age itus Not to mention $$$$ savings and the crusher. We drive analog cars. Just think if they were electronic and digital . . ;)

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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