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Used OEM Spider shocks

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OEM shocks from my former 1990 Spider. Have about 50k miles but in good condition. No leaks.

$20 + $9.00 shipping.


The real picture of 1990 Spider shocks. Sorry for the confusion.

Part nos. as printed on shocks:


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I am sorry if it's just me, but the shocks in the picture do not seem to be ones off of 105/115 cars... I can say that these won't fit my '91.
Would these fit a 1971 Spider?
They look like they are off a transaxle car.

Ed Prytherch
79 Spider
88 Milano Verde
Nope. They are off of a 1990 Spider. Should fit any 115 series car.


I am 100% sure that they are NOT from any 105/115 cars, including 1990 Spider. The top two may be modified (removing the bracket on the left end of the shocks) to fit 105/115 front, but the bottom two cannot be mounted on any 105/115 with the type of the mounts shown in the pic. The attached picture (left: rear, right: front) shows how shocks for 105/115 should look like, and the differences are clear.


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I must be going crazy here. You guys are right. I posted the wrong pic. Those are from my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I had the Alfa shocks packed up so I unpacked them to prove you wrong and BAM! I felt stupid all of a sudden. Any ways, the SPider shocks have been taken. Anyone want some Jeep shocks!?!

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