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I'm in the process of registering my out of state car in California, and have been requested by the DMV to provide a letter from Alfa Romeo confirming that the car complied with USA emission regulations as built.
Has anyone ever got a letter from Alfa Romeo confirming that a specific vehicle (identified by SN) complied to USA emission regulations? Effectively it would be confirming that the serial number corresponds to a tipo (115.02 in my case) that was a USA market car. My car is a 1973 Spider 2000 SPICA version, originally sold in Canada. It definitely is a USA version, just need a letter from Alfa Romeo stating this.

I've tried the centro documentazione, but can only get the usual detail of when and where it was sold, what color etc.

Has anyone gone through this registering an out of state, pre '75 car (but post '68) car in California ?

Go to Nevada, get a PO Box, use that address as Your personal address, get that's state driver's license, and then register it there, you can legally drive it anywhere.
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