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1990 164QV Euro spec & 1991 168B
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164 12v fuel tank internal plumbing for USA models with steel tank

Hose item 21 short pressure hose at top used in all models but longer hose item 31 used in later models supposedly starting with VIN 6250454 to replace flexible Rilsan feed pipe item 18. So it attaches to check valve on top of pump so gets a banjo fitting item 32.

Item 12 is rubber pump mount and item 13 is in tank fuel filter strainer.

Item 14 is rubber pad that attaches under filter/pump basket and keep basket from swinging like a pendelum in high G manuevers.

NOTE/Caution There is/was only one hole of the 8 in top of pump mount (rubber bushing) item 12 for soda straw item 27 that is drilled all the way through. Hopefully you pick the right one to insert straw into.
When we first got Quik Silver item 14 pad was missing and PO had installed wrong type replacement hose for item 21. It was not fuel resistant and I made a fast turn and pump/basket assembly pull out of short hose and I had to be towed.

NOTE: The differences in fuel pumps is not actual pump but later pump got an extra fuel strainer screen cap on bottom that will help keep rubber flaking off of old rubber mount 12 as these do deteriorate over time due to old gas and low fuel level and rubber mount bottom half is inside fuel strainer basket.

When I was testing my spare pumps the other I was able to finally get the rubber trash out of armature roller bearing and get an extra frozen pump to work again.


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