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"Rove'ian" = reference to Karl Rove.

Not taking sides on this one :)


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turbolarespider said:
This should help

For the EPA, the age is 21 years. CARB may have a different idea. So what is a really hot car from '83?


if you bring in a 1983 car as a 1983 car you will have to DOT it.
Is it worth the hassle to install a mileage speedo, key warning buzzer, seatbelt
warning buzzer, useless headlights and some other stuff?
I don't think so.
So for the next 6 weeks 1979 and older and then 1980 and older cars can be imported without any problems.
I hope all these people living in "CARB" states with smog check for cars older than 25 years have friends in some other states ;) ;) ;)

Best regards


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Regarding living in Italy - I was recently there on holiday and thought the cost of fuel was crazy. Also the petrol stations are mostly these machines that suck in notes - closed all the time and oh so creepy esp at night. I find driving in Spain where I go regurlarly much nicer and cheaper. Germany has ok fuel prices but there much the same as in Ireland so that means high enough.
There is no restrictions about what u can do to your car in Ireland or Spain once its legal and properly insured - taxed etc.
I found Italy a strange country - not as romantic clean or as magical as I expected - Venice was a dissapointment. I enjoy much more Spain and Germany - much cleaner and prettier with less strange habits etc - so its not the same in all European countries :D
61 - 65 of 65 Posts
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