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I live over here in Italy, I moved from Boston a few years ago to chase a lifelong dream, it is heaven...except,

In the land of Alfa, Ferrari, Lambo etc the auto rules are truly bizzare. they make the USA and our silly EPA, DOT etc look like the very friendly wild west.

Do you know (because I didnt) that you CANNOT add any aftermarket products to ANy street car! I mean if you put on a different set of aftermarket wheels that are a different size than what was offered from the factory and included in the Homologation papers they can confiscate your car! That goes for seats, shocks, brakes, steering wheels...everything, if the items are not Homolgated they are banned. Forget engine performance options...they take your car away and whip you on the side of the road.....

This was a real eye opener for me, I am passed on the highways by supercars at over 200kph with lucky born wealthy guys at the wheel but the poor schmuck that wants to add some performance to his economy hatch cant.

Italy is still a very class structured country, if you've got the $ you can play fast, if you are a 'worker' just stay in the fields and drive your econobox.

I spent years *****ing about the bizarre, stupid and downright freedom limiting laws passed over the last 30 years in the USA with reference to cars and I still think that most could/should be removed but compared to here in Italy we still have so much more 'auto' freedom...Oh I forgot, I just filled up my Volvo cost me 80 Euros!

The more I live here in Europe the more it becomes very clear to me why the USA is the greatest country in the world, it comes down to the freedom to excel and basic equality. Lets not let Washington take away the freedom that made the States great and lets not even talk about France...

Sorry for the ramble, here are some nice GTA's


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