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"it’s infinitely more involving and far more fun"

We hope so. That's what I've felt about Alfas compared to many other "sporty" makes. Will just have to see, if and when they really arrive to a dealer nearby. Willing to drive one, to be sure, but still not convinced yet about it really being the return of legitimate Alfas for (some of) the masses, or just a very limited/rare product like the 8C. The projected production rate won't do it, alas.

Just a thought, maybe they could join up with Tesla to come up with an electric car, akin to the Tesla roadster. Drove one of those, and felt that a Tesla/Alfa certainly could be a product for the future. The Tesla roadster was really fun to drive, in a very different way.
I hope for a powerful return of Alfa to the US! They have to produce a fews popular cars over here, and I think they will get a good foothold. Go A!:scooter:
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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