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upper radiator tank

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We are looking for an upper radiator tank for a '70's style radiator (upper outlet parallel to the tubes)
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I am no quite sure what you mean by an upper radiator tank.
I have a complete radiator from a 1972 spider. Does that qualify?


I was hoping to save some $$ and solder in a new upper tank only.

Is your radiator in good condition? How much would you need including shipping to 14201?

John G

Yes the radiator is in good condition.

I removed it from a running 1972 spider.

The shipping appears to be $50.26.

I would sell it for $50.00.

I could have it taken apart and sell the top only to reduce the shipping charge but it would still cost about $25.00 to ship.

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Does the upper hose connection come off the top tank at a 90 degree?


PM me with your e-mail and I will send you a picture of the radiator

In my experience all spider radiators from this era were the same.

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