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It has been quite some time since I’ve posted any updates on how my ’65 Sprint GT is progressing, so thought it was perhaps about time. As a very quick refresher: I picked up this car about six years ago from a local acquaintance who had owned it for perhaps 15 years. While he loved the car, the reality is that it was very much wanting of attention from bumper to bumper. I knew this full well going in, I was actively looking for a project, not a turn key car. Over the past few years I did a massive amount of metal work, all the typical issues that you see on these old Alfa’s. Just about a year ago I got it back from paint and I’ve subsequently been going about reassembly, restoring various mechanical parts and systems, and such. I did much of a “test build” prior to sending the shell off to paint to make sure all the metal work was where I needed, and for the most part that was successful. The one somewhat significant change I’ve made subsequently is deciding to go with a hydraulic clutch via the ’69 pedal box, so this required a bit of surgery to retrofit with the driver’s side frame rail, not too difficult though.

I’ve rebuilt the wiring harness wire by wire. Partially this was prompted by a lot of old paint overspray on my old wiring, as well as cracking insulation, but also because I wanted to bring the fuse panel inside the cabin as well as adding a number of relays for various circuits. The fuse panel will be hidden behind the dash, whereas the relays will be concealed behind a faux map pocket in by the passenger footwell. During this time I’ve also started to mock up the structure for a rear seat delete as the battery has moved back to this area. My plan is to do something that borrows from early 60’s Giulietta’s and SS’s. Will see how this shakes out.

Next up is getting the engine put back together again, then turning my attention to the upholstery. Certainly there are plenty of other details that still need tending to, but I’m slowly chipping away as my life schedule permits. Last weekend I had to move some stuff around in my shop space and rolled the car out into the sun for the first time in a very long time. It’s currently sitting a bit high as it’s lacking some weight, but hopefully it will settle an inch or two and then look just about right. Still undecided on wheels…


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