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Unique: special lowering springs 164 Q4!!

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lowering springs 164 Q4!! **offer ends**

In a few days for the Dutch and German market there are rear lowering springs available for the 164 Q4 (4WD). In a springfactory in Germany they will make a small serie of these special Q4 springs which are exactly like the original springs but completely new calculated by the factory so that they will lower your car by 40mm and also they will be stronger so you won't get problems on bad roads or with heavy loads. You can't buy these springs anywhere else. They can be shipped all over the world.

These are ONLY the rear springs, the front springs are the same as the other 164's so you can combine them with one of those.

This is the only proper way to lower your 164 Q4.
Contact me for more info: frank.r.deruiter(at) but don't wait to long because there will be only one serie, we won't make another.
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Hello Micke, the factory had some delay. I've sent them an Email a few days ago but haven't got an anwers yet. I'll phone them tomorrow and ask why it takes that long. They should have been ready.
I've an answer: In the middle of next week are they ready (and still in Germany). So give it an extra week for postage.
I'm sorry that it has taken that long, but I can't help it either. I don't make them myself.
Progressive or linear

Just out or curiosity, are the new springs progressive or linear, and why?
164 S
Philadelphia, PA
Everything stays as OEM. I don't want to changes much since the Q4 handles **** good as it is. The car needs only to be lower without getting problems. So the springs are lower and other wire is used.
What are the OEM springs?

In your answer you assume that I know whether the stock springs are linear or progressive. I assume they are linear, is this correct?
sonny said:
In your answer you assume that I know whether the stock springs are linear or progressive.
Yes I do because on the previous page there is a picture of it ;) .
I would prefer linear

Sorry, of course the picture on the preceding page shows a linear stock spring. I would prefer a linear spring myself, even if it was lowered somewhat. From the previous posts I get the idea that the spring rate is not too different from the original. It is my impression that linear springs are more predictable in their handling than progressive ones.
The Result..

Q4 in Sweden.


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Very nice :)

Is that an everyday driver for you?
smytsa said:
Very nice :)

Is that an everyday driver for you?

Yes,, drives every day in this car.. even in the winther..
Perfect winther car.. :)
But i'am looking for a 156 GTA Sportswagon..

This is the result..
Know it's for sale..


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Q4 springs

I've started to build a serie of 5 sets Q4 rear springs, (one set to replace my broken springs) and 4 set for other Q4 owners, you can contact me at [email protected] for details


Jurgen Prinsen

a.o. 164 Q4, 116 Giulietta V6 3.3, Alfetta 2.0
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