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1990 164QV Euro spec & 1991 168B
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Understanding 91-93 Brake light system


Components in system for 91-93 12v 164 (24v similiar but not exactly the same):
Battery Power 4mm Red wire from G56 terminal at false firewall - HOT AT ALL TIMES (don't need key on to work brake lights).
G1 Fuse Box 15A F15 fuse
H3 brake light switch at brake pedal
I69 brake light relay behind false firewall (should click when pedal pushed if H3 getting power and working.)
N22 Alfa Romeo Control Unit (made in France) under glove box
N44 Rear Lamps Control Unit also located under glove box
E28 center stop light
E25/E26 left and right taillights

G192 white-red wire in trunk under battery for trailer brake light (hooks to pedal switch H3 so best test point to verify pedal switch works (seperate from all other components will only verify H3 is getting power from fuse and that switch works). Use a meter or test lamp tester.
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