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Has anyone here weighed all four corners of a stock 4-cylinder Alfetta GT? If so, I'm especially curious regarding the front, but would like to know all four corners.

If you have that info, please let me know if it had all fluids or not, has/had A/C and if the battery is in the engine bay or trunk. Yes, it's pretty much a given if it has A/C the battery is in the trunk.

I'm in the search for the ideal (primarily) front shock absorbers for my stockish '75 Alfetta GT and would like to have a better idea as to what the weight really is.

The door jam tag says 1600 front, 1800 rear. Period Road & Track says 2,660, and other road tests have the total weight as low as 2200. It is my understanding that the total wet (possibly includes a 'typical' driver?) weight is just under 3,000 pounds.

The front to rear weight ratio changes from one period road test to the next is a fair amount. Of course Alfa's brochures say 50/50 since those are magical numbers.

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