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There are a lot of good tires out there, but you still have to be realistic about the type of driving you will be doing... I always thought that an Italian car should have Pirellis, even though the U.S. Spiders typically came with Michellins. However, I won't buy Pirellis for any of the Spiders any more. None of the sets I have had held up under spirited and hard driving. (I'm talking tires that are made in the sizes that fit our Spiders of course, and not all Pirelli models.) I'll purposely take long trips on back roads, but hours of hard driving do stress the belts on the tires... Hence, I think that touring type tires just can't handle this type of driving. The Michellins do hold up ok, but they are a bit soft and prone to puncture. The Dunlops are a decent overall tire, but they are not great for handling. I've never had Toyos or Falkens, and I've heard good things about them all the time. After some focused research, I now use Yokohamas - specifically the AVID H4S model. (It was a big step for me to go with Japanese tires on the Spiders.) I'm very impressed with their performance, especially on wet roads, and they don't fail under hard use. I like them better than the BG Goodrich T/As.

About size - 185/70-14 is the OEM size for 14x6 inch rims. The problem is that in this size you don't get the better tires. Thus, applying the plus zero concept (keeping the same rim size), you can go up to a 195/65-14 or a 205/60-14. In these sizes, the selection is much, much better. I haven't used 185/70-14 tires in years for the reason mentioned above. I use 195/65-14, although I like the 205s better, because my wife will complain about parallel parking our Spiders, which do not have power steering. So for me, it's Yokohama AVID H4S in the 195/65-14 size.

Best regards,
Ciao Enrique
I just put in 4,Uniroyal Tiger paw 195/65/14.
Have you any feed back on this tyre?
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