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Hey guys,

Will the electric folding mirrors (94 - 95 style) from a RHD (steering wheel on right hand side of car ;) ) car work on a LHD car? Aside from the obvious wiring issues, are the mirror angles still setup so that we can use them over here?

I know this sounds kind of confusing, but I thought I would ask!
No will not work. The Left side mirror is angled completely different. You would have to adjust mirror to full out to be able to see. Not to mention you would need to change the mirror as they are magnified a bit. The Passenger side UK version like ours is angled in about 1.5" more than the drivers.
If you want 94> mirrors let me know? I have access to a ton of used ones. I have one used one here, drivers side to be exact, oh in Black too. It needs a new OS temp though.

Let me know? I have a large order of used items being packed up and if yu want a set I can see if I can get it on the next shipment.
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