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Hello all in the US of A !!!!
As you can see from the heading my road and trailer tow car is a 159ti which tows my race car to Goodwood UK.
HOWEVER -- the reason for my entering your domain is that yesterday I bought an ALFA ROMEO 2lt GTV 1972 with ally extended arches rivetted on as per GTAm Replicas. It's in great condition body/paint wise , also interior. Just two points incorrect for a replica , the wheels are 16x10 rear 16x8 front Revolutions and front seats are Porsche as the Alfa seats wouldn't fit after a rollcage was fitted. Power is standard apart from having a lightened flywheel BUT the engine bay is very clean and tidy , also runs quiet and tight.
The guys I bought it from first bought a really clean no rust white GTV then stripped everything , prepared the body for paint and welded a very small area found while dismantling. Then an 80 yr old retired metal worker (family friend) shaped up the ally arches and fitted them using rivets at the usual measured points.
I probly won't increase the power for now but fancy fitting correct wheels/copies (Alfaholics in UK make 15x8's ally either silver or gold -- I like gold myself)
I sprint a car already so not intending to compete in it but fancy entering one or two events simply for future provenance.
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