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Both English language.

First is a fold out catalog with the RL, GI and ES listed. Interesting (at least to me), is a factory "Obsolete" stamped over the four cylinder ES Sport. I guess Alfa figured the bigger motors would win more races. Some soiling, one page separated from the other two. A conservator should be able to re-attach without much effort.

Next up is a 20 page booklet featuring only the RL and GI. Still Automobili Alfa Romeo Societa Anonima Italiana Ing. Nicola Romeo & Company Milano. Includes descriptions of both cars including the chassis, engine, clutch, rear axle and diff, brakes, steering gear, and get this, toolkit with jack and one spare wheel without tyre. Fix it yourself I guess. The best part is at the book of the catalog where recent Alfa wins are listed by car and driver. Ascari, Sivocci (4 leaf clover), and some guy named Enzo Ferrari. Some staining as show, some tears and soiling, condition commensurate with the 98 year old age.

SOLD, thank you.

PM if interested.

NOS parts, radio deletes, Campy Daytona's considered in trade.



1 - 3 of 3 Posts