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I'm posting this for someone else- so please don't contact me, but call the phone number.

A 71 GTV shell and a '73 GTV complete- both need work.

Here are pictures[email protected]/sets/72157648730287373/

Seller is in Florida, and here's what he sends me:
Enclosed are the pictures of my Alfa GTV's.
The maroon one Is a 73 mod. and completed one. The red one Is A 71 Mod but just a
roller parts car. I'll be glad to pay you a finders fee If you help me to sell them, I'm only asking
$ 4,500 oo as you know.
Regards Mike. Phone # days 8to 5pm (352) 368 1990.
I know GTV's are being looked for- quite a few have sent me questions about my racer for sale, and if it could be a street car.

Good luck.
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