I have 2 of these Alfa parts department displays for convincing the public to by genuine Alfa parts. I believe these are probably from the early 70's.

One is in better shape then the other. Neither had been unfolded. I folded the lesser quality one so you could see what its like. It is pretty cool.

They are not small. Roughly 9 1/2 inches by 7 1/2 by 1 1/4 thick.

40.00 for the nicest one which still remains unfolded. 35.00 for the other. This one has a spot with a little bit of the orange missing on the edge. Doesn't really stand out since its on the side. Both have some small spotting on them from storage.

Great display piece.

Plus shipping.

Payment is by check or money order. No paypal or any other payment service. For those who are fairly new to the BB I'll wait for check to clear. Ones I've sold to before I'll send it when I get payment. Sorry. You know who to thank for that.