Prototype Alfa 75 Twinspark supercharger kit for sale
This is a kit I developed over a few years with inspiration from Greg Gordon.
Will only work on a Twinspark engine with its original injection system.
This is a “prototype” so there is room for improvement on the brackets and pipe work etc.
I had this on my GTam bodied ‘74 so I wasn’t too worried about altering the car to make this fit.
Alterations needed in a 115 are:
Removing brake booster and making a bracket for the clutch master etc
Battery relocated to trunk.
If using the intercooler ,modifications to radiator support.
Air filter needs relocating.
What’s supplied:
Magnacharger Mp62 supercharger with stainless steel intake and outlet.
Aluminum head shim.Can be used to lower compression from 10.1 to 9.1
Brackets ,belts and tensioner.
All pipe work silicone elbows clamps,blowoff valve etc
4 larger injectors
Aem water injection pump kit , gauge etc .
2 supercharger pulley’s.6 psi and 8 psi
Front pulley is available on an exchange basis.
Supercharger has only seen about 2000 miles .