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Twinspark chip upgrade

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Has anyone out there done a chip upgrade on a 75 Twinspark. I am transforming my Twinnie from road warrior to track queen and want to investigate upgrading the EPROM.

If anyone out there has upgraded to a different chip can you give me some feedback on the results as well as what sort of chip it is and where you sourced it.

I am in Australia, but I gather they would be a very inexpensive item to ship from another country.

Any info will be greatly appreciated.


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Do you mean like a piggy-back chip or a totally new EMS?
The way to go would be a new EMS so you can programme it fully.
Haltech, Autronic, Mequasquirt, GoTech....
Haltech is an Australian product so there are many authorised dealers, Autronic is definitely a good choice, and the other 2 I think are from South Africa, but there is widespread Alfa usage of both of them so support isn't too hard to come by.
Show us pics of your car....
Thanks for the info mate. There is a Haltech dealer just down the road from me so I will make some enquiries.

To be honest, I have no idea what I need or what I want. All I know is that I am looking for some additional power without having to alter any engine internals at this stage. I have fitted a K&N air filter and am about to have a 2 1/4 in free flowing exhaust fitted.

To this point all I have done to increase lap times is decrease weight, lower and firm up the suspension and fit Dunlop R spec tyres. We also fitted a full cage, harness and race seat. It's been so much fun, I wish I had done it ten years ago!


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Nice ride :D
The 75 seriously suit red:cool:.
Real power upgrades come frome turbo's and quality (well tunened) aftermarket engine management computers, combine the 2 and enjoy :p
If you just want to ditch the vane/flap type airflow meter but don't want to wire up and then have tuned a stand alone aftermarket computer, you could try the MAP ECU.
I've not used 1 myself, but they do look interesting. Remember that buying an aftermarket computer is 1 thing, but installing and tuning is another (read $'s).
I personally like using as much of the factory computer's good points as posible (cold start, hot start, idle speed control/return to idle etc.).
On 1 of my cars I have a Trust E Manage Ultimate (interceptor type computer but it's, in my opinion, better/different to the usual interceptors like the Uni Chip) and on another car I was fortunate enough to get hold of some software to allow changing the EPROM programming to suit my mods. Sorry, both of those cars aren't Alfa's tho, just using them as an example :D
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I put a Squadra chip in the TS I use on the track. I haven't had it on a dyno since then but it seems to pull considerably harder from about 4500 to 6400 rpm than it used to. I don't much like seat-of-the-pants evaluations but I get past cars I couldn't pass before the change. Also, when I had 45mm Webers on this car I routinely ran it up to 7500 rpm (engine is "built") so I had the ignition cutout set higher when I ordered the chip. It's been a good experience.
Maybe talk to Chiptorque or similar about whether they can reprogram the Motronic as it is an excellent computer.

However, given the small changes you have made, not likely to be a large amount of power available (they are pretty good to start with - unlike some cars).

Presume you know about the octane relay thingo...that makes a difference.

Tyres, weight, brakes, handling are the areas that give the most bang for buck (which you are already doing most of anyhow)

Might try to get out to QR on Sat to say Hi if you are running in the sprints?

Love your wheels - they'd look good on my car hehehehehe - hey look over there...jack, spanner, snatch ;)
Thanks guys. I checked out the Squadra site. That might be a good, cost-effective option to tide me over until late next year when I plan to pump some more serious money under the hood. I'll look at a new, fully programmable computer at that point.


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