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I have my spare stock TS engine 8v for Sale. need to clean my garage, I was keeping it in case I my current TS engine blows but, I figured I can rebuild if it does.

adding pictures, but I do have some additional components that came with the engine, but don't have all components to be able to get it running on Stock TS components, its missing ECU and the harness was cut and also missing some other electronics such as the three relay switches usually included in harness.

can add pictures of additional components later.
asking $1800 or best offer, plus shipping/freight from Colorado.

I already had this engine running on my 1971 GTV running on 123Ingition single spark and weber 45s. I removed it after I installed my other other rebuilt TS engine with carrillo rods, JE pistons etc.

let me know if interested.



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