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Twin Spark 2.0L engine builder options

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I am wanting to build or have built a 2.0L twin spark for my 74 GTV 2000 street rod. Looking for 200-215 hp that will run on 105 octane or there abouts. Does anyone know of anyone with experience or who can build a motor for me.
Terry 309-531-0665
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Bob at AlfaAtlanta has several twinsparks of varying horsepower in different cars. He may be able to help. He is at 404-284-5051.
If you want to build it yourself can get most if not all the parts from

Twin Spark Engine Parts | Classic Alfa Romeo spare parts and accessories


Alfa parts and other Sports Car Performance Parts

Alfaholics will also build one for you but make sure you are sitting down when you hear the price.
You will get the best twin spark motor that can be had from them for sure.

Also Ingram Enterprises, Inc.
will build you one or supply some of the parts (cams , pistons ect)

Do you have the new version ofJim Kartalamakis book ? Veloce Publishing

It has a lot of Twin Spark info in it .

And lastly if you look at my thread below you can see what I am doing .

BTW you may want to repost this in the engine conversion section . That is were all the Twin Spark action is going on .
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