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The turn signals on my '91 Spider stopped blinking (it just stayed on). I put in a new flasher unit. It was very hard to extract the old one and insert the new one. A little silicon grease finally hellped. But now it doesn't work at all.

I couldn't tell which fuse goes to the turn signals, so I checked/replaced all the fuses. (Everything else works).

When that didn't help, I replaced the light bulbs. Still no luck.

With a voltmeter, I cannot read any voltage on any of the socket pins.

I'd like to remove the fuse/relay panel, but cannot see how to release the hinges. Can any one tell me how to release it?

Also, I have an empty relay socket -- #8. What is it for? Did I put the flasher unit in the wrong socket (#5)?

Any help would be appreciated.
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