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Hello i hope i find everyone well. I am a new member of the forum.I own a mito tjet 155 with a fully straight piped decat custom exhaust, an K&N air intake and a stage 1 remap from Viezu (that didnt make such a difference).

Recently i wanted to make the most out of the setup so i went for a custom stage 2 tune. The boost was mapped 1.55 bar max with 1.1 at the redline. So after the custom remap the car was running perfectly and made more power(big difference im very happy) but it started to do this. For the other owners that have put the K&N kit(worth every penny) they know how you can hear turbo spooling and going fssss when you release the gas. The car started doing it at half boost continiously in the midrange RPM so it would go fssss then power then fsssss then power a couple of times and then stop and run perfectly till the redline. plus this "power loss" only lasted a split of a second each time.

Didnt worry me too much since it would stop after 1-2 times if you give it more throttle. After the remap we took the car for a spin knowing that the stock wastegate cannot handle this boost and confirmed max boost 1.45 bar with 0.8-0.9 at the redline. So i bought a forge wastegate with the spring for up to 1.6 bar to maintain the boost levels we wanted and also hoping to fix this turbo surging "problem". And yes the car was faster with confirmed boost numbers we wanted but no it didnt fix it.

So conclusion is that the problem is not the wastegate since it did it with the stock one and is does it with a brand new forge one. Also the guys that did the remap are known to be very good and i trust them. Plus its not the first Tjet engine or mito for that matter that they have remaped. I dont think its the fuel system since it should have more indications if it was. The car has low miles and works perfectly other than that. I believe something in the boost system has losened by the extra pressure or the diverter valve cant handle it.

Anyway i could use some help if anyone has faced this problem before on their tjet.

kind regards
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