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Hi all may i start by saying im new on here and also new to Alfas and have purchased myself a 2008 147 ducati corse with some issues as I believe is to be expected Im not very mechanically minded but will have a good go myself to a point anyway i would love to get the car right it was a bad smoker with quite a heavy map so im told by the mapping guy i used here in wales anyway I wanted the original factory map put back on so he did successfully he informed me that the egr had been written out so now back online with the new factory map however it does now lack any low down torque but more to the point I think is the turbo whines really loud like there is a police car following me am I to asume the turbo is on the way out
OH all hoses are good
vac hose is sound
actuator moves well
it has a new egr
a new map sensor
but when pushed a little over 3 or 3.5k revs engine light comes on also this happened prior to factory map reinstalled and it said it was a boost issue i have found another turbo but its from a 150hp 147 would this fit on a 170 147
sorry for the longish thread but trying to paint the best pic i can any help would be greatly appreciated
kind regards Rob

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Bulldog, welcome to the AlfaBB.
The section of the BB here in which you have posted is a place for newbies to introduce themselves and their cars.
If you haven’t already discovered as much, there are sections of the Board for specific model types. For the 147 and similar models, it’s the Production Alfas section.
Board Members with experience with or interest in similar cars tend to visit those areas of the board more often than this section, and you are much more likely to ‘strike gold’, as it were, there.
P.s. - I’ll do it before anybody else does...people like seeing pictures of other people’s cars.
Good luck, and again, welcome.
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