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I recently bought an Alfa 147 with 87000KM on the clock right now and while I am pretty satisfied
with the power I'd love to tune it up to 150-170HP (from 120).
It's my first car and it's an Alfa that's why I'd love to make it quicker!
Some guys told me that since it's a NA car it won't gain easily HP, and that's probably true.
I was thinking to change:
  • Stock Airfilter to a K&N Performance Airfilter
  • Remove Pre-cats
  • Swap Stock Rear Silencer with the Novitec Stainless Steel Rear Silencer 115x85 Duplex
  • Change the cams with performance cams
  • Get an ECU tune

Do you believe that I'll reach my goal?
Anybody else who have done these mods or are there any other budget friendly mods to
help me gain HP?
I was also thinking to upgrade my fuel pump since it's going bad but I think I'll need also to upgrade
the injectors in order to get any performance boost right?
Thanks for your help in advance!

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Honestly the easiest way to make it quicker is to sell it and buy a 2.0 liter.

From the changes you mention you will probably not gain much power. Perhaps up to 135~ hp.
If you want to go to 170hk on a NA 1600 you will loose most of the driveability.
Not to mention that it will be expensive, very expensive.

Perhaps it is better to spend the money on better suspension and tires if you want to keep the car.

If you really want to go to 170hk and is handy with a wrench you could install a supercharger. Perhaps a rotrex or similar unit. Also expensive.

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