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My tube frame 2 seat car is for sale. Complete roller W0 engine although two 2.5 V6 motors can go with it .
Car has full race suspension, with 5 link deDion tube rear suspension.
Not a triangle. (two upper and two lower links, with custom watts link). Close ratio Alfa transaxle with 4 disl LSD. Twin disk 5.5 inch clutch assembly, Custom fabricated brake assemblies with new Outlaw 4 piston calipers front and rear, rear claipers made one off by Outlaw for this car. Uses same brake pads front and rear.(two pair of front uprights/spindles) Adjustable coilovers front and rear. Custom shift linkage, one piece drive shaft, brake petal assemblies, steering rack, hood with dounle angle hinge assembly, fabricated 5 lb seats, lexan for all windows, guages and rear lights. Professionally built 4130 roll cage, Aluminum custom radiator, and header out exhaust system (3' and 4' tubing with internal baffles.
This is a chassis and complete body to be finished.

Price with all above is $10,000.00
If you don`t have the shop/equipment and knowledge to finish, this probably isn`t your cup of tea.

Some pics at post 122/123 at:
Others on my website:
Also on video at the BB thread, Spider improvement effort where videos of the Montreal engine being run-in are posted.


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