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Trying to rule out all other possibilities (Alternator Problems)

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I do believe my alternator has given up the ghost. At the moment I am trying to rule out all other possibilities before I order a new one.

Tried starting the car the other day and the battery was completely dead. Didnt seem to want to push start either. I had the battery charged and tested and replaced the terminals. Checked the fuses/underhood wiring and noticed nothing abnormal.

After the battery was charged it started up on the first turn but wanted to die if the revs dropped and the battery light stayed on even with a bit of gas.

I'm about to start poking things with a multimeter, is there anything else I should check while I am at it?

If I'm going to be replacing the alternator, how complicated/expensive is the high output chevy alternator swap?
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re: alternator with voltage regulator

I also thought my alternator was the problem. The system only put our about 11.5 volts and would not keep the battery charged.
Took the alternator to the shop that rebuilt it and it put out 18 volts.
Problem was the voltatge regulator.
good luck.
Forgot to mention, car is a 1985 GTV6
18volts!! your alternator shop need a slap!, that's way too high. On a 12 volt bus, the alternator should be putting out approx 13.5-15volts.
unless you are getting a big drop across the fuse box and wiring by the time it gets to the battery, then 18volts will warp the plates over a period. you really need to dial that back a bit.

fragmaster170. One thing you do need to check is whether the charging circuit is battery sensed or machine sensed on the 85gtv. if its battery sensed, then a knackered alternator is very likely.
Just a little addendum...

I did get the alternator out and tested, it was putting out 3v.

The prices were a bit crazy for remanufactured ones...

IAP wanted $219
Advanced Auto Parts wanted $175
Napa wanted $165

Thank god I looked around because O'Reilly had it for $65. I had to take out the voltage regulator, pulley and one or two small parts off the old one.

The new one didnt seem to want to fit the bracket but a little filing and grease got it in without too much trouble.

Everything has been working fine for the last few days.
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