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It's so easy to go down the line of: "ok, I'll replace that part, and may as well do that...and that...and that...". Aaaaah. It costs money! :p

My car is a 1990 75 3.0 L-Jet, Australian-spec, which I'm going to overhaul/restore. The car/engine has travelled 135,000km (not miles).

So, I'm open to advice on what I should prioritise, in particular in relation to the heads. But in general, I'll be fitting 164S cams, replacing the cambelt, overhaul the hydraulic tensioner, fit a new waterpump, thermostat, change to silicone pipes, new radiator after a flush, ignition leads, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor, intake filter/pipe, and CSC exhaust incl manifolds. I'll also be buying a full gasket set, so that I have seals and gaskets on hand.

So...when I replace the camshafts, what are the more important parts I should look at too? I'm thinking I should plan to change the inlet and exhaust tappets.

When I look more closely at schematics and available parts, I see heaps, and the potential to go crazy. But I basically want to focus on bang for buck, and the parts that are likely to be worn and benefit from replacing. What are you thoughts about:
*valve guides, inlet/exhaust
*valve guide seals
*valve springs
*cam pushrods

Then there's the higher compression pistons, new rings, and sleeves!

If I spend all that money, I'd be well on my way towards a decent 24V engine instead. :rolleyes:

Aaah! What do you think, guys?

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