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My first car that I bought was a 1985 Alfa Romeo Graduate, Black with Burgandy interior. I loved this car, however in 1989 the engine blew and had to go to a mechanic. The mechanic had no idea what he was doing, and destroyed the car beyond repair (at least, the insurance company totaled it). The mechanic went out of business, and the car was gone. I would love to find this car again, in any condition, and restore it. I don't have any original paperwork, VIN or any other description. The only other detail I really have is that this was in early 1989 in Virginia Beach, VA. Is there any hope of me finding my car?


Dave P.

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Yeah, there are plenty of similar Spiders out there in decent shape and for reasonable money. Unless you'd stashed a few bags of coke in the body panels back in the 80s that you're trying to recover, there's really no reason to look for one particular car (not that you'd have much luck without the VIN or other documentation).

Even if you need to ship a good one out from California, I guarantee it'll be cheaper overall than any restoration.
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