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Trunk volume question....

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This may sound like a bizarre question but is anyone able post the Hight/Width/Depth measurements of the trunk of a GTV for me?


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According to old Road & Track tests, the volume of the 1750 GTV trunk was 9.5 cu. ft. and the 2000 GTV was 8.7 cu. ft. I saw an illustration that had the dims of the trunk as 37x52x13 (deepest,widest,lowest)for the 2000 GTV.

Just what I was looking for!
Cut up properly and carfully packed, the body can fit in about 3~4 cubic feet if that's what you're after.
It doesn't always have to be in a duffle bag you know... ;)
My error, the 9.5 figure is for the earlier cars not the 1750. I assume the decreased volume is due to the vapor canister in the trunk.
As to cut up bodies, I hear the preferred storage method is plastic drums in mini warehouses.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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