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I am wondering about the following for the trunk (boot) of a 63 Sprint:

1. Is the weatherproofing gasket around the trunk lid glued to the lid, or to the channel on the body? The parts manual shows it clued to the lid, but it seems easier to put it in the channel. If glued to the lid, is it supposed to be aligned so that it fits inside the channel on the body when the lid is closed?

2. What holds the spare tire down? I had thought there was supposed to be a sheet-steel hook on the floor of the trunk which went through one of the holes in the wheel (roadside down) and was held by a special latch. The latch is in the parts catalogue but the illustration doesn't show the hook. In any case, I have no latch and no hook and no sign of there ever having been a hook; but I do have a long leather strap that passes through a fitting on the rear bulkhead. This strap is a third strap; there is one for the jack, one (under the L rear fender) for the tool roll, and this one. It's far too long to be a second strap for the jack. And it wouldn't keep the spare tire from bouncing around.

Any experience with these questions?

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