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Hey guys

I've been having a problem where, about one of every ten attempts, my 86 Spider won't start. So far it has eventually turned over but I do need to find the problem.
The trouble with intermittent failures is that, unless your meter is in the circuit when failure is occurring, you may never catch the cause.
I thought about this and came up with the pictured harness. The are male and female Bosch Connectors (the harder-to-find male came from Del City) and two female quick disconnects.
I can put harness in series with the circuit (first spot will be cold start valve) and the device will still properly function. I can attach anything to harness with a male quick disconnect fittings. I now have a wire pair running into cabin where it is attached mt my DVM. When I have starting trouble I will be monitoring voltage to CSV.
I will then, if necessary, do same to thermal-time switch.
If I do this methodically, I should eliminate possible electrical causes.
Also harness allows me to read contact states/ resistances of different devices.
I can also read voltage supplied to device CAREFULLY.
Of course I am also looking at other causes such as fuel pump operation, etc.

Just thought you guys would be interested.



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