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Trick to removing Oil Pressure Sender - 74 Spider?

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On the 74 Spider it's located to the rear passenger side of the block, with not much room to work...And no easy "grips" for a wrench.

As I'm going to replace it, do I just ruin the current one in removal? Or is there a trick? Thanks - Dickson
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I think Alfa had a special tool for this but I made my own with a cheap wrench that I cut ,bent & ground downCan't find it ATM or I would send you a pic
I may have to do the same. Like short handled channel locks?
Had to share this: On my '91 S4 the original sensor is 14mm. Who'da thought!? Here's a photo of my tools to remove and the size of the replacement sensor (17mm). I had to sacrifice a 14mm wrench and a 17mm wrench to do the replacement. Oh, and a rare photo of an Alfa showing "normal" oil pressure on its very own gauge!


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this worked for me...


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I have also taken a hacksaw to a 14mm and a 17mm spanner in my efforts to remove/replace oil pressure senders.

On my car (69 1750) there is enough room to get down the back of the engine - assuming the rubber vacuum pipe is removed.

But beware of dropping a spanner so that it becomes wedged between the starter and the block. This happened to me just this week and it took me nearly 2 hours to get it free. (I subsequently tied a piece of string to the spanner - short enough to prevent it falling too far).
a slim 14mm wrench, about 2mm thick (or 17mm if you have that sized sender - my S4 was a Veglia, with the yellow end and was 14mm!) with your hand way down there from under the right hand side does the just need to release it, then it spins off freely with your hand.

You need a thin wrench or it won't fit between sender and engine block, or grind a normal one down to half thickness.

EDIT: Disconnect battery as you will hit the starter with the wrench!!

Replace the copper seal, which doesn't usually come with the new sender (or at least anneal it if it looks OK to re-use)

this is the original alfa tool:


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You might find a suitable tool at a bicycle shop. They will have a thin wrench that'll fit behind the sender. It can either be bent or cut short. You won't need a lot of leverage - once it is loosened 1/4 - 1/2 turn it should come off by hand.
The bike shop wrench is called a cone wrench. It's just stamped out of steel.

I have one I cut short. I stick it on the nut and tap on the end using a socket extension and hammer.
x2 on disconnecting the battery
x2 on disconnecting the battery
I hate it when I put a burn spur on a good wrench---

I need to change mine out--it's on the master list
The cone wrenches are a good idea. I always look to my bicycle toolbox when a special tool is called for. I used a 32mm headset wrench for the radiator fan on my fiancee's BMW. Saved me $30.
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