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Trailer lights

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Is there a connector for trailer lights on a 1991 164? Where is it located?
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Trailer brake light wire is the white-red wire under battery cover. It comes directly from brake pedal switch but Alfa did not put in a connection for tail lights or turn signals.

I doubt if Hoppy or anybody else makes a adapter kit for Alfa to wire up a trailer for tail lights and turn signals so you will have to make your own.
OK, I thought I read somewhere that there was a connector for trailers. I'm not very good with wiring.
Fred DiMatteo's former '91L has such wiring. I'll be looking it over closely in the coming days (it's the one with the bubbles and coolant loss). I hadn't expected to include the wiring in this particular examination, but what I find, I'll report here.

OK, thanks:)
Looks like yellow or yellow-black wire is for running lights, Lt Blue-red wire is for left turn, Lt blue-yellow is for right turn. Brakes/turn are on the same wire so it should work on the same 4 wire system as the trailer.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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